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    Social Media Training

    Are you taking advantage of the sales that can be generated through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter etc? Our Social Media consultant is running regular 2 day training sessions on how to get the best out of this form of media.

    Web Safety and Productivity

    Businesses cannot function without the internet. It is an essential part of any day to day operation. Yet since the birth of social networking, it has become a management nightmare!

    • Solutions are often expensive
    • Skills to identify poor productivity due to cyber slacking are hard to find.

    That’s where we come in. InfoSystems and WebSafety NZ provide a full solution for managing the internet. An Internet Audit is an excellent first step.

    An Internet Audit will:

    • Identify ALL internet activity, including times and dates.
    • Show all search terms used.
    • Identify all webmail, including email addresses used.
    • Show all files viewed, downloaded and opened, including picture files.

    Contact us to learn more about how InfoSystems can help you improve your web safety and productivity.

    Printing Solutions

    Ensure consistent messaging across all media. All us to handle all your your print media needs to ensure that you have a consistent message and look across all media types.